Restaurant Cleaning Services:

There are certain cleaning services essential to restaurants that aren't applicable to other businesses.  You need a constantly clean dining environment for your customers and a spotless kitchen and prep area for your employees.  It's also critical to keep food service businesses up to the FDA guidelines so you're well prepared for future fire and insurance inspections.

Among the services you'll need to clean a restaurant include, but not limited to:

Washing Kitchen Hoods, Keeping Exhaust Fans, Ducts & Filters Clean, Deep Cleaning All Tables, Emptying Grease Traps, Waxing Floors, Cleaning Interior Windows, Sanitizing Bathrooms (multiple times daily if needed), Disinfecting & Polishing Mirrors, Sinks & Toilets, Dusting Blinds, HVAC & Wall Hangings, Removing Old Food from the dumpster area (to prevent vermin infestation), and Pressure Washing.

Pressure Washing is probably the most important restaurant cleaning service.  It uses powerful water streams and chemicals to remove loose dirt, debris and grease stains which can be difficult to do by hand.  After that, your exhaust fans are an important concern.  Neglecting the cleanliness of your restaurant exhaust system could become a fire hazard.

Again no two restaurants are alike and prices vary according to the size of your establishment. 

Restaurant Cleaning Services start at $150.00.